Administration Functions:

1.  Accounting for the 4-tier system

2.  Trustee checklists and information packets

3.  Accounting for additional contributions

4.  Accounting for transactions

5.  Annual report

6.  Annual trust tax return

7.  Annual Schedule K-1

8.  Trustee assistance with annual valuation

9.  Preparation of charitable deduction calculations

10.  Trust distribution requirements

11.  Tax forms: 1041, 5227, 8282, 8283

12.  Required state tax forms

Financial Advisor Support System:

All of the information listed on this page is available to you. The color-highlighted items are available on this web page. The other items are available simply by calling the 800 number or sending an E-mail. We look forward to serving you.

1. Crescendo Software printouts for a donor presentation (see example)

2. Donor administration and IRS forms

3. Common questions and answer about charitable trusts (see on web site)

4. “How do I recognize a possible charitable trust case?” (Common Trust Scenario)

5. Explanation of various charitable remainder trusts (Types of Trusts)